We had never heard of this resort before until we booked it, we chose it based on the fact that it is Canada’s second largest ski area, and the price of 11 nights here is the same as just one week in a resort in Europe. Also, having skied in three other Canadian resorts on previous holiday’s (Banff, Tremblant and Whistler) we knew we would have a great time.


Getting to Sunpeaks proved to be more trouble than we first expected. We originally booked to fly with Air Canada from London Heathrow to Calgary, and then get a connecting flight from Calgary to Kamloops, from where we would get a transfer to the resort. However the lovely people in charge at Air Canada decided to change our plan completely, and ended up changing our flights a total of three times! In the end we had to fly into Vancouver instead of Calgary which is further away from Kamloops. We also ended up with a five hour wait at Vancouver airport on the way home, which is not ideal when catching a long haul red eye flight. After a lot of complaining to both Air Canada and Crystal who we booked though, all we got back was a cheque for £50 and a half hearted apology. According to Air Canada changing your flights three times, making you fly to a completely different airport, and making you wait five hours before your flight home are “Minor changes”

Cloud through the trees

We opted to stay in the Coast Sundance Lodge due to it’s excellent location opposite the chair lifts. We stayed in a superior double room which featured a kitchenette complete with microwave, coffee maker, kettle, fridge and a mini stove. The superior room also had a fireplace which was handy for drying off you clothes at the end of the day. The room was spacious and the bed was very comfortable after a long day of skiing and snowboarding. The hotel also has a gym, outdoor hot tub and a few cafes and shops, as well as a bar and grill.

Coast Sundance Lodge

The resort of Sunpeaks itself is quite small but has everything you need, with bars, restaurants and gift shops, there is also a small supermarket (Be warned it’s quite expensive) I would highly recommend eating at the Oya Japanese restaurant, Bella Italia Ristorante and the Steakhouse at Sunpeaks Lodge. Mountain High pizza is also exceptionally good if you don’t fancy a table service meal. I would not recommend the Mexican restaurant due to the long time we had to wait for our food, and the quality of the food we got was definitely not worth the price!

At the top of Mount Tod

There is plenty of choice when it comes to skiing and snowboarding here, with three mountains to choose from (Mount Morrisey, Mount Tod and Sundance) and a total of 135 trails to ski. The majority of the runs are intermediate but there are plenty of greens for beginners as well as some challenging black and double black runs for the more advanced skiers and snowboarders. The double black known as Static Cling on Mount Morrisey was a lot a steeper than we expected, with plenty of rocks to dodge on the way down, it’s definitely not for the faint hearted but it was a lot fun nonetheless! Mount Morrisey was probably my favourite of the three mountains due to the number of tree lined runs where you could weave in and out amongst the trees.


The snow conditions were good at the start of our holiday with the resort having had plenty of fresh snow before we arrived, however while we were there it didn’t snow very much. As a result of this the runs became very icy towards the end of our trip, but we still got to do plenty of skiing and snowboarding and a had a great time. The weather is not something anyone can predict and it’s one of those things that can happen at any mountain resort.

Despite the problems we had with Air Canada and the lack of snow at the end of the holiday we had an excellent time in Sunpeaks and would highly recommend it. The connecting flight is a pain, however it is worth it for a quaint resort which is a lot quieter than the likes of Whistler and Banff. You will never have to wait very long for the chair lifts here, and for the price it is definitely worth a visit!